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This is an attempt to identify and centralize sources of information/places of discussion related to the Fandom Platform of the Future/Network of Our Own. Stuff is Happening, and in a ton of different places. Will be updated as things change.

Discussion spaces
distributed_fandom Discord (federated social network discussion, tech and policy stuff thereof) (private-ish, lurkers welcome; message [ profile] fandom-after for link)
[community profile] post_tumblr_fandom (broad-based discussion about all this shizz)
[ profile] fandom-after Compilation of Tumblr commentary about The Impending Purge

Keeping tabs/status updates
I've created a Trello board to give a high level overview of all the parts I am aware of. 

Static but useful info
Features list by software (read-only)
Policy/TOS considerations (comments on)
The Doc (read-only)

Next Steps
PD (aka FFA NO3 anon) is compiling a list of questions for an Actual Lawyer to look at. Contents include:
  • liability re: image hosting
  • compliance with laws in countries where visual depictions of sexualized minors are illegal
  • service provider liability re: 2257 laws, possible interactions with GDPR
  • FOSTA/SESTA liability re: hosting sexually explicit images
  • interaction between DMCA safe harbor provisions and tip jars/paid commissions (based upon presumption of fanworks being not-for-profit)
  • organizational structure stuff and how it interacts with liability
They have not put out any sort of funding mechanism for the consulting fee but if/when they do I will link it here.

People on the Discord have been writing code for Hubzilla and putting together public demos of some of the federated social media software available. Nothing to look at yet, but soon!

(Further comments disabled, go comment at the xpost on [community profile] post_tumblr_fandom )



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